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             COMPASSION ARTS is the creator and presenter of the Creating Peace Reading Circle,

             hosted as a guest of Unity of Central Mass's Friday Night Spiritual Practice. The reading 

             circle program shares selected writings from animal advocates, educators, and artists

             from different disciplines; reflecting on compassion for animals and nature, and

             exploring a deeper understanding of our relationship with the life we share the planet

             with. Attendance is free but, a "love offering" is welcome - all donations go to UCM. For

             the Creating Peace Reading Circle dates and times, please refer to the UCM calendar. 


             COMPASSION ARTS is an all - volunteer independent arts and education project for

             cultivating understanding, respect, and compassion for all animals and the Earth we

             share.  Started in 2015, the COMPASSION ARTS initiative has hosted a wide range of

             inspiring and informative events, exhibits, festivals, and other programs over the years.

             To learn more visit or email 





Writing Workshop

December 16th 2022

Creating Peace Reading Circle

Aysha Akhtar painting Birds in Snow

Join us for an uplifting hour of writing and discussion,

as we share the stories of amazing animals who have touched our lives.


                                  COMPASSION ARTS will hold its last 2022 Creating Peace Reading Circle this year

                                  on Friday Dec 16th at 7-8pm on zoom, for UCM’s Friday Night Spiritual Practice,

                                  as a celebratory writing workshop about animals we love.


                                 The workshop will consist of three separate ten-minute writing exercises in which                                                                                  

                                  to draft a story, poem, or other, followed by a reading circle where we’ll share

                                 what we’ve written with each other. To attend and participate, all people need to

                                 bring for zoom is a pen or pencil, notebook or writing paper, and love for animals.

                                 This program is free but love offerings are welcome as a donation to UCM. For

                                 more information or questions please email Ellie at





The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

UCM Saturday Morning Book Study

Saturday's from 9-10:15 am via Zoom

Zoom Link:

Please email for the password


                              Our Saturday morning book club will be starting The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

                              starting Saturday November 5, 2022 via Zoom. The book has over five (5) years on the New

                              York Times bestseller list. This book reveals the source of the self-limiting beliefs that rob us joy

                              and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom the Four Agreements offer a

                              powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom,

                              true happiness, and love.


                              All are welcome to drop in at any time as we read a few paragraphs at a time and discuss the

                              book and share our thoughts and ideas in a safe space. It is encouraged that you have the

                              book, but it is not required. Facilitated by Jen Snay Book Nook Manager. Books can be

                              purchased(in English and Spanish) from the Unity Book Nook after Sunday service or email 

                     . Love offerings are appreciated. All proceeds go to UCM.




                                          UCM HAS BEEN FEATURING A WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEDITATION ON

                                          ZOOM EVER SINCE THE PANDEMIC. THE PRACTICE OF MEDITATION IS

                                          CENTRAL NOT ONLY TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE BUT

                                          AS A MEANS OF CALMING ONES MIND AND BODY, CREATING A SENSE

                                          OF WELL BEING AND HARMONY AS WE DEAL WITH THE DEMANDS AND

                                          STRESSES OF OUR BUSY, BUSY LIVES. IT'S A DOCUMENTED, SCIENTIFIC

                                          FACT THAT MEDITATORS LIVE HEALTHIER, LONGER LIVES. THEIR 

                                          CHRONOLOGICAL AGE IS MUCH YOUNGER, BY YEARS, THAN THEIR

                                          BIOLOGICAL AGE. THAT ALONE SHOULD PIQUE YOUR INTEREST.


                                         THERE ARE MANY FORMS AND STYLES OF MEDITATION FROM

                                         MINUTES OF FOCUSED ATTENTION AND TOTAL SILENCE, GUIDED

                                         IMAGERIES AND SOUNDS, TAILORED TO EVOKE A DEEPER CALLING AND

                                         HEIGHTENED AWARENESS OF ONES INNER STRENGTHS AND POWERS.


                                         EACH WEDNESDAY NIGHT FROM 6:30 TO 7:00 PM A DIFFERENT

                                         MEMBER OF THE UCM COMMUNITY WILL LEAD THE GROUP THROUGH

                                         A MEDITATIVE STYLE. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US AND SENSE THE


                                        SAME VIBRATION.





Winter Solstice

It’s a celebration of Light and the rebirth of the Sun.

The shortest day of the year, Dec. 21, is around the corner, marking

the end of fall and the official start of winter. The winter solstice is an

ancient pagan holiday known for rituals and traditions that celebrate

nature and setting one’s intentions for the coming season. Curious

how to celebrate?


Join us as we Celebrate

Winter Solstice

Ritual:  Treasure Map/Vision Board

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Time:  From 11:00 to 3:00pm

Location:  Unity of Central Massachusetts

Hosted by:  Carmen Scaffidi, LUT

Treasure Map Workshop




Join Carmen Scaffidi, LUT on the Treasure Map Workshop.  This is a perfect time

to focus on how you want to change your life and what you want to bring into your

life (or release).  Learn how to use the Treasure Map technique of visualization to

exercise your will power, take action, turn challenges into opportunities and

visions and dreams into reality.  Matthew 6:21 ~ For where your treasure is, there

your heart will be also.  No cost.


Bring your scissors and glue, magazines, etcetera to prepare your Treasure

Map for 2023.  There will also be provided supplies you might need