Rev. Marylou Palmer Biography

Reverend Marylou Palmer Cardoza, a 25-year Unity minister and trained Transitional Minister, gives us an in-person overview what this time between Spiritual Leaders can be for our spiritual community. Marylou lives in Chatham on the elbow of Cape Cod, with her wife Jodi and their 13-year dog Big Boy Ben.

Rev. Marylou will begin our exploration of Transitions, at the same time living in through several, from the very personal aging process to the collective cultural one.  Initially recognizing reoccurring experiences, like transitions, can feel like trials and tribulations from the outside pressing upon us. Yet in spiritual Truth as Children of All That Is, we are able to respond and choose once again. 

Rev. Marylou Palmer Cardoza is a “washashore” living on Cape Cod after serving 8 Unity spiritual communities during their time of leadership transition. Marylou has a Master’s degree in Community Counseling, undergraduate in Sociology and was ordained in 1996 through Unity Worldwide Ministries. Marylou describes herself as a Cheerleader of the Universe for the Christ Within Us All.