Friday Night Spiritual Practice: Creating Peace through Reading Circle with Ellie Sarty




Friday Night Spiritual Practices Presents

Creating Peace through Reading Circle with Ellie Sarty

February 26, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Love Offerings appreciated

This month’s reading circle will focus on examples of children’s books that share thoughts about compassion for animals and learning to see animals for who they are, as amazing beings and special individuals. The books are samples of fun and beautiful teaching tools that illustrate how, in the ways that matter, we are more alike than different – and that our differences with other animals can be celebrated. Featured this month will be three Children’s Books about Compassion for Animals, with selected readings and examples from, “JUNEBUG: No Life Too Small” by author Nicole Daniels, “I Am Not Food” by poet Abioseh Cole, and “The Great Animal Talent Show” by authors Christen Mailler, George Jacobs & Loh Wan Inn.

The Creating Peace thru Reading Circle is a monthly program that presents a general overview of books in different categories. The host (Ellie Sarty or a special guest) will talk a bit about each book and share a few selections, and then will open the program up to a discussion circle. Participants do not have to read the books or be familiar with them to attend, and there is no pressure to share in the circle if you only want to listen.  For any questions, please contact Ellie at Thank ewe!