Ellie Sarty of Compassion Arts Speaks at UCM

Ellie Sarty represents Compassion Arts and Speaks at UCM

Ellie Sarty is the founder and director of Compassion Arts, a creative arts and education project for exploring our connection with all life, through inspiring compassion for other animals and the earth we share.  A former professional singer-songwriter in NY for thirty years and a longtime advocate for animals, Ellie is the creator/ organizer of Compassion Arts Festival and is also an advisory board member for Culture and Animals Foundation. Ellie is grateful to be part of the Unity community and its mission to “co-create a world that works for all”. Her talk on Sunday 6/28 will look at some of the ways our relationship with animals connects to universal love, spiritual living, healing and peace.

Animals are our teachers and healers. In their innocence and wisdom, in their connection to the Earth and its most ancient rhythms, they offer us a way back to a home they have never left.”   

                                ( Quote by Susan Chernak McElroy from “Animals as Teachers and Healers” )